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Mon at 13:39
Kesh just bring to SFR more guilds like [INC] and SFR will became worst nightmare to all, GJ!
Mon at 13:45
uh a new spambot?
Mon at 13:45
sweet, kisses to you
Mon at 14:01
ghotic sorry if we killed u in the past but it's just a game, leave it behind, life goes on :(
Mon at 14:33
sweet as always, i will give a chance to kill me agian soon, bye-bye.
Mon at 14:33
byebye sweetie
Tue at 2:02
Thanks to Wouter, who still was willing to tag up, even after an nightshift of work. Honor him please for that kindness of careing for us.
Tue at 10:14
Devits i think you mis read his saying. he says bring more guilds like INC to bring nightmare to the enemies :sick:
Tue at 13:51
Oh shit, maybe. Sorry then @ghotic if it is the thing and thanks at the same time :/ We used to meet a lot of haters in the past so I guess old habits!
Tue at 18:17
Thx for kind of apologise anyway, that was GJ to Kresh, you are decent guild but as I see no more room for me and my friends Good luck!
Wed at 0:53
hello sfr ^_^
Wed at 16:58
some1 can activate my account here ?
Wed at 17:05
nvm ;D
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