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Fri at 6:33
And here I thought I wouldn't get to experience a Kimber speech ever again. My mistake.
Fri at 6:36
wtf kimberwhite
Fri at 6:42
Hey guys , tonigjt we fight vabbi
Fri at 9:42
any fun guilds on sfr atm?
Fri at 11:41
Fri at 11:58
Fri at 13:21
Halo, FeAr, Hell... all fun guilds... don't know enough about the other guilds to comment
Fri at 13:24
"fun' for Sky probably means a (semi-)hardcore guild... of which we don't have much. AH, tD, TB (inactive) come to mind I guess
Fri at 13:24
a top-tier GvG guild, there is none
Fri at 13:27
but who knows... there is room for it... something new might be created coming weeks
Fri at 13:27
tD is not hardcore though... but from what i heard about some plans, it might for sure be fun
Fri at 20:28
the fifth legion incominmg
Sat at 9:09
Sat at 11:19
Sat at 11:19
Sat at 11:19
whos still active?
Sat at 11:19
Sat at 12:36
"active" might be a big word
Sat at 12:36
and "everyone" a bit too positive
Sat at 12:38
but quite a lot are still playing idd, spread out though... some log in only now and then currently (ppl like Kick)
Sat at 12:51
Kimber, how does your crusade against VZ go? :sick:
Sat at 16:17
lol i wud love to help vizu against deso or fsp :sick: that be fun
15 hours ago
sfr still allive? Oo
15 hours ago
14 hours ago
icic :sick:
14 hours ago
hahahahaha how paranoid sfr is nowadays? got verified 3 weeks ago ....
14 hours ago
and now i have to do the same shit again
14 hours ago
11 hours ago
the shit ppl talk when something happens is just amazing.
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